Saturday 21 April 2018

Go (Kanye) West

A tweet from Kanye West arrives in my Twitter inbox, retweeted by some Twitter acquaintance who thinks it's worth critiquing.

And it is, let's face it.

God-fearing. The idea of fearing God. I mean, why would one fear God?

Let's have a think what God can do.

God can, we are led to believe, bring the entire universe out of nothingness into existence.

God can just decide that it might be fun if the entire universe didn't exist any more. I'm not saying God would - it's not consistent with God's nature. But God could. That's the point.

God can give life - or take it away - according to God's plans. Which, even if they seem nasty in the short term, may well be in accordance with what is good. But God can do these things. It's what God can do. It's what being God is all about.

God can strike people dead just for lying about their property affairs.

God is the Fear of Israel who is beyond our understanding. Who knows every aspect of us. Who throws stars into space, plans supernovae, and calculated the mathematics of the black holes at the centres of galaxies. God thought the idea of an event horizon pretty cool, and came up with the idea of the heat death of the universe long before a human expert in thermodynamics noticed it.

You know what?

Fear God. It's the beginning of wisdom.

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