Friday 6 April 2018

Somerset Spirituality

Today's "Somerset Spirituality with Jed Wurzel" not really what I expected.

I was thinking - county of Glastonbury. Of Stanton Drew. Where two ancient cities share a bishop. The home of Wookie Hole and Cheddar Gorge.

Jed claimed to have the key to ancient Somerset wisdom. Said he knew to cure sleeplessness, encounter new consciousness and enter a trance-like state.

Then he drank 7 pints of Thatcher's Gold and passed out. Although before he did, he told us a short poem. He said it contained centuries of West Country wisdom. But it was actually a limerick about an old woman from Bristol. Least said....

Want a good laugh? Want to laugh at the church? Want to be secretly suspicious that the author has been sitting in your church committee meetings taking notes? Then Writes of the Church: Gripes and grumbles of people in the pews is probably the book for you.

From Amazon, Sarum Bookshop, The Bible Readers Fellowship and other good Christian bookshops. An excellent book for your churchgoing friends, relatives or vicar. By the creator of the Beaker Folk.

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  1. Perhaps you should have attended a service with the Countess of Huntingdons Connexion really great fun, or at least, supposed to be great fun. Several of my ancesters were in this lot, having abandoned the Catholic Church - out of the pan into the fire?


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