Monday 2 April 2018

Supporting Beakerism

This is really trendy. Wikipedia, the Guardian, even Ian Paul does it. Asks for money, that is.

This blog has been running for 12 years. And in that time, the total amount of income it's generated has been nothing. And that's fine. It's fun to write. And keeps the Beaker People out of the pubs in their spare time*. So it's not like the blog is running out of cash.

But on the other hand, this blog spawned off another blog. And that blog spawned off a book, "Writes of the Church". And it would be really nice if you wanted to buy a copy. Or a few. It's a good birthday present for the overworked clergy person in your life. Or anybody who's ever come back from church, or a church meeting, and gone "I can't believe that happened and then X said that...."

If you don't like to support "The Man", can I recommend purchasing from The Bible Reading Fellowship shop. On the other hand, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that you can get a copy at a very competitive prize from Amazon at the moment.

 If you're a vicar just preparing for your post-Easter break and looking for some light recreational reading, this is just the thing to fit conveniently into your luggage and give you a few laughs. If you're into the echatological implications of the Book of Enoch, then you'd be better off with a better book, frankly.

The great advantage of buying "Writes of the Church" is that, unlike supporting the Guardian, you get an actual book. Which you can then read. Or sell on Amazon. It's got be be better than funding Simon Jenkins, hasn't it?

Anyway, thanks for this. And it'll go back to an advert at the bottom of the posts now.

* Actually it doesn't.

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