Tuesday 23 September 2014

Litany For People With "Creative" English

Hymn: Theirs a place where the Street's Shine

Archdruid: Woe are us for we are people of unclean lips'.

All: Our apostrophe's are upon us.

Archdruid: We have done what we ought not to of done.

All: We have failed to do what we ought to of done.

Archdruid: We have used prepositions to end sentences with.

All: Though we dare to definitely claim that that isn't a real grammatical error. And we've defiantly used the right words though, ironically, not necessarily in the right order.

Archdruid: People of better grammar have pointed they're fingers at us.

All: "Their they are", they cry. "There English is atrocious."

Archdruid: And so we have less people who respect us.

All: They're not never going to be are friends.

Archdruid: ai wouldn't behave like that if I was them.  We think they should get off of those hobby horses.

All: And, irregardless of prejudice, hopefully they'll come to love us.

Archdruid: Or, fortuitously, decide their as bad as we are.

All: And decide that's a nuff condemnation.

Archdruid: For if God won't never condemn us, why shouldn't they? Gods love is unlimitedless.

All: Its unboundedlessness is infinite.

Hymn: Will You're Anchor Hold?

Archdruid: Go in Piece.

All: This must of ended.


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