Thursday 4 September 2014

Seeker-Friendly Church

Burton Dasset is so literalist. I told him I wanted him to organise a "Seeker-friendly service".

So he organised the following Hymn Sandwich:
"I'll never find another you"
"Morningtown"  (which I suppose is, at least, suitable for Compline in the C of E)  
"Georgie Girl" (a radical revision of the story of England's patron saint) 
"The Carnival is Over" (Recessional, obviously).
But I had to veto "Beg, steal or borrow".  Partly because it sounded like we were advocating Antinomianism. But mostly because people don't like to have "new" songs in Church.


  1. But 'Beg Steal or Borrow' is such a wonderful, uplifting offertory .

  2. Blowin' in the wind. A safe and sanitised version, suitable for Beaker Folk (and Anglicans?) at Pentecost.

  3. What's wrong with any Graham Kendrick composition?

    He's very popular in those spheres of influence where shaggy beards and guitars are prominent.

    1. I concur fully UKViewer, but doing so I hasten to add - there ain't nuthin' wrong with shaggy beards - - shaggy beards rule OK (at least in my pulpit anyway - probably not in Eileen's)

  4. I can see 'O Sinner Man' might trouble your inclusivity, but surely their edited version of 'When the Stars begin to Fall' is fuzzy enough? (Or would Judith's top C frighten the guinea pigs?)


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