Sunday 21 September 2014

Praise him on the Loud Homophone

Head absolutely buzzing after this evening's meditative participatory worship, it was. And not in a good way.

I told everybody this morning that we would all be taking part in an exploration of the use of symbols in worship.

Should have printed the notices instead, shouldn't I? Would have made it clearer. And saved me this massive headache.

And Marston Moretaine had to go to extremes, didn't he. It's not just that he brought a gong along - not even a cymbal. It's the fact he went to all the trouble of oiling up to bash it. Songs of Praise this was not.

Gongman from VCI Classic Films

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  1. I'm in need of a cymbal for something I'm leading next weekend. After reading this I think some rapid revision is called for; nerves couldn't stand it.


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