Sunday 28 September 2014

Today's News Yesterday

Abelard "to step down" (gently, and walk quite carefully for a while) after affair is revealed.

Henry VIII resigns from Catholic Church, joins UK Independence Church. Thomas More calls it a "betrayal".

Grinling Gibbons apologises for carving he sent to Mercurius Rusticus reporter in "sting" operation.

Crusaders launch "limited operation" to recapture Holy Land. "No intention of a lengthy campaign".


  1. Or in the words of King Solomon 'there is nothing new under the sun'.

  2. I feel sorry for Abelard, just read about him and his bit of totty today. I know that we do it for dogs and cats, but for a Man? But it made him appreciate the finer points of theology and kept his bit of totty on the right path for a lifetime.

    1. Jim Davidson's agent rang while you were out. Said could Jim have his etiquette book back?


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