Sunday 7 September 2014

There is a Difference Between Evangelism and Evangelicalism

It is not, brothers and sisters, with any intent to prove myself as good as the pagan archpriestess next door - I refer, of course, to the soi-disant Archdruid Eileen, that I point out a worse typographical discrepancy today than she did yesterday.

I have to admit, however, that this is more far-reaching than the minor - and quickly corrected - confusion between "canon" and "cannon" that Eileen identified.

And it is on the "Comment is Free" page of the Guardian. I encourage my flock never to go to this lair of atheism and liberal horror, but I like to go there occasionally - strong in the faith - and wonder what the world is coming to. And then I - in a way - rejoice knowing that, however far this world is fallen, it can be raised back up. Except for the people of the Guardian, who, without a miracle, are on their way a long way down.

A long way down.

On this occasion, this was the error that caught my eye. I attach the screen capture as even the Guardian, I believe, correct errors occasionally. Although not that of employing Polly Toynbee.

Tall, tattooed and forthright, can Nadia Bolz-Weber save evangelism?

I would like to assure my readers that, despite his atheism, Andrew Brown does understand the difference between evangelicalism and atheism. This is a problem with editing. However, in case any of my readers do not possess yet enough knowledge of the True Path - still feeding on the milk of newborns, as indeed we all must - then I shall define the difference between the two for you.

Evangelicalism: This is the belief that we are all broken people, but some are more broken than others. We, being set free from our sins, and trying to resist temptations, are further enabled to identify sins in other people, that we ourselves are not tempted by. Being set free, we can encourage them to be more like us. We use the Bible to help us understand how broken we used to be, and how broken others still are.

Evangelism: This is shouting at people in town centres that they are going to hell, and giving them helpful leaflets such as my own composition, "Fly on the clouds while your enemies fry on the devastated wasteland where the Earth used to be".

On this occasion, however looking at the Bible, I can see that Ms Nadia Bolz-Weber cannot be the saviour of either evangelicalism or evangelicalism because:
a) She is a woman leader.
b) She is tattooed.

I hope this is now clear.


  1. But at least it was only in the header. Thanks for the link.

  2. I think Andrew Brown understands the difference between evangelicalism and evangelism too, not just between evangelicalism and atheism. Editing issues, honestly, you see them everywhere these days.

  3. I think that your 'dissing' of the Arch Druid is ill judged. She might be a bit strange, might do some strange things, but at least she's human and has a terrific right hook, a well used Cricket Bat(tering) and steel toe capped Doc Martin's, which I feel will be put to good use on you very soon. I suggest that you run as hard as you can to the Southern Baptists, where you obviously belong.


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