Sunday 28 September 2014

Margin of Error

I'd like to thank Glapthorn for this morning's presentation. A lively romp through the rural stories of the Little Folk - with special reference to their habit of living in long barrows> We were fascinated by the stories of men who fell in love with fairy maids, and were whisked away to an alternate dimension, where time flew by compared to time in the human world, and men who were young when they disappeared were old when they returned, just a few days later - or, indeed, vice versa.

A longish diversion into the whole concept of "changelings" then gave way to a reflection on the nature of Tolkien's immortal warriors and songsters, the Elder Folk;

All of which was wonderful and informative, but confusing. I thought Glapthorn had been meant to give us an uplifting discourse on the power of the human will; the way trust in our own abilities will enable us to achieve great things.

Except, it turns out, when trying to produce posters for a series of talks. Suddenly it all makes sense. I never could cope with print margins.

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