Tuesday 9 September 2014

Clergy Dating Agency - Application Form For Clergymen looking for Women

1. What do you like to wear to be trendy?
□ Tweedy jacket
□ Leather jacket
□ Denim jacket

2.  Which subject would your ideal partner teach?
□ Pre-school
□ Lower school
□ History
□ English
□ RE
□ Retired teacher who is now another minister

3. What are your favourite day-off hobbies (tick all that apply)?
□ Steam Locomotives
□ Steam Locomotives
□ Steam Locomotives
□ Steam Locomotives
□ Day off?

4. If you had not been a minister of religion, what other job would you have done? (if nun, write "none"*. It's safer if the bishop finds out)
□ Lumberjack
□ Prog Rock Musician
□ Teacher
□ Theology Lecturer

5. What is your favourite after-shave?
□ Carbolic
□ Old Spice
□ Lynx
□ Incense
□ Old Books

6. What is your favourite activity when with close friends outside of your church? 
□ A nice pilgrimage
□ Talking about the parish
□ Sorry, I don't understand the question

7. How would you describe your appearance? 
□ Attractive
□ Unattractive
□ I don't think this is either/or so much as both/and

8. What are you looking for in a life partner?
□ A friend
□ A lover
□ An administrator
□ A supporter
□ An organist

9. Which newspaper do you read? 
□ The Guardian

* No longer copyright, W. C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman


  1. Does this work for clergywomen looking for women, too?

  2. Where is the application form for female clergy looking for a partner? Or does this double for both?

    The missing question is:

    What parts of the Creed do you: (Remember your Arch Deacon is watching)

    1. Believe

    2. Disbelieve

    3. Think are fanciful myth

  3. Nun of the above. I'm saving myself for Burton Dasset.

  4. I haven't time to fill this out now, I will ask my wife to do it when she gets back from Women's Guild.


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