Friday 12 September 2014

The New Moot House is Opened

A lovely sunrise service today as we celebrated the opening and blessing of our new Moot House. The Liturgy was much as follows:

Outriders, pebble-bearers, acolytes and the Holder of the Sacred Tea Light approach the Old Moot House, followed by Druids, Sages, Prophet-bards and Archdruid.
 The Archdruid lights the Sacred Tea Light from the Eternal Flame.
Song: "Let the flame burn brighter"
The procession processes in processional manner down the Processional Way from Old to New Moot House. The Archdruid may remark that this was much what must have happened from Durrington Walls to Stonehenge.  But without the electronic keyboard, powered by a car battery, on a shopping trolley.
The Beaket Folk enter the new Moot House to discover the glorious wonders of the interior - till now kept hidden from mortal eyes (with the exception of the decorators.) The Beaker Folk gasp as they see the mural of Stonehenge from within the circle, painted around the walls - with stars, moons and suns rising, rotating and setting in their times in electronic wonder.
The Archdruid lights the new Eternal Flame - which, through the power of applied chemistry and the appropriate salts being inserted into the piping, will burn with the appropriate liturgical colour.
The Beaker band get too close to the eternal flame, igniting a bhodran and the wood blocks, and 10 feet of Liturgical Dancing Ribbon. 
Song: "Light up the Quire"
At last we have our new, comfy Moot House with authentic Stonehenge theme, surrounded by its four long barrows in which we will inter the ashes of deceased Beaker Folk. It's the perfect Beaker worship environment. So much better thsn the old Moot House, with its clutter of unwanted donations and total lack of any liturgical space, since Flodwym bequeathed us that life-sized Liturgical Elephant. It's like a museum, that is.

I nipped back to switch off the gas on the Eternal Flame, to find half a dozen Beaker Folk in there, just sat there quietly. I asked them what they were up to. They told me they actually prefer the old one  - it's full of memories and it's been lived in.

So I locked them in. Before I told them that the Liturgical Elephant is said to wander from time to time. I hope they're enjoying the ambience now.


  1. I'm glad you're not afraid to mention the elephant in the room.

  2. I'm with the folk in the old Moot House, preferring memories to technology.

  3. Given what happened to the doily shed, I would be careful with the eternal flame


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