Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Cloud of Witnesses

Archdruid: And so, as we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses....

All: Are we? Where?

Archdruid: All around, obviously. That's what "surrounded" means.

Hymn: Angel (MacColl)

All: What, in the Moot House?

Archdruid: Yes.

All: So why don't we count them in the attendance figures?

Archdruid: Because they're innumerable. Burton Dasset would have to write "A cloud of witnesses + 37."

Stacey Bushes: But they can't get out though?

Archdruid: What do you mean?

Stacey Bushes: I mean, they just stay in here?

Archdruid: What, you think the Moot House is like a Faraday Cage? The Cloud of Witnesses is bouncing around like microwaves cooking a steak and kidney pie?

Stacey: Yes.

Archdruid: Yes. You are absolutely right. The Cloud of Witnesses is indeed trapped in the Moot House. It's why we have two doors. That's why we check none have snuck out into the airlock at the end of every service.

Stacey: You're just being silly now.

Archdruid: Well, you started it. The sacred is everywhere. And though the Moot House is a thin place, through which spiritual things can seep through from the world beyond... Look, can we leave it there? I've a horrible feeling I've just clog-danced into heresy. I need to go and check page 37 of "Nicene Christianity for Dummies".

Burton:  Can I open a window?

All: NO! What would happen if we let the Quire Invisible out?

Archdruid: Wish I'd never mentioned it. OK. Go into all the world. And what ever you do, remember you are surrounded by a Cloud of Witnesses.

All: Close the door on the way out, Eileen.

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