Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Man-Shaped Church

So Young Keith has got excited and designed a church to attract men - that being the main problem round here:
  • Nice, comfy chairs they can relax and - ahem - spread out in.
  • The ability to stand in small, mutually supportive groups around the Focus.
  • Some multimedia video screens showing the kinds of things that men are interested in.
  • The ability to "drop in", or leave, at one's discretion and convenience. Without being emotionally pressured to fit into pre-set and severely restricted times.
  • Refreshments available throughout.
  • No need to show vulnerability - but the ability to do so, especially at the end of meetings, when it's acceptable to express one's love for other, manly, men.
  • The room to speak freely, with acceptance, and yet acknowledgement of a diversity of opinions.
  • Being able to sing hymns lustily when people actually want to  - i.e. Xmas.

Basically, Young Keith has described a pub.

Shouldn't be too hard to work out what that should look like.

Man-shaped Church


  1. The only problem is the man who disappears when his round is due :(

  2. So many unanswered questions in that fascinating article. Why are the women not going to church and why is a 'healed' shoe necessary for a marriage, why was it sick and how was it healed?

  3. My late dad's local was called the Church. It is now an actual church, for an African denomination


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