Friday, 29 January 2016

Not to be Invited to Dinner Parties

And so to the case of the mixed couple who went to court to argue that they should be allowed a civil partnership.

I mean. I know that technically they don't have the right to something that gay people have. But strikes me civil partnership was always a near-miss on equality.

A few other things strike me. One is that if you want a ritual and legal relationship that is not enshrining patriarchy, you can have one. It's called civil marriage. Though even C of E marriage these days is remarkably non-sexist. Giving away, kissing the bride, seducing the bridesmaid at the reception- these are all sternly regarded now.

Then, looking at the picture on the BBC, if they want to break the patriarchy, why doesn't Rebecca Steinfeld insist on being the one wearing the tie?  At least it would save Ed Miliband-lookalike  Charles Keidan from embarrassing himself trying to tie one.

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  1. I thought it was Ed at first sight, too. Perhaps his non-wife baulked at the idea of writing their marriage vows on a large stone.


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