Friday, 15 January 2016

Primates 2016 - Your Questions Answered

Q - What does it all mean?

A - Dunno.

Q - Are the Americans still in the Anglican Communion?

A - Officially, yes.

Q - But what have they been stopped from doing?

A - Goodness knows.

Q - I thought you were giving me answers.

A - Would you prefer I asked you questions?

Q - No. That's scary.

A - You don't like it when the tables are turned, do you?

Q - So can people still be gay?

A - In America they can be as God made them. In England they can be as God made them, as long as they don't act the way God made them. Any more questions?

Q - What would Jesus do?

A - Stick up for the oppressed, love the poor, upset the establishment and die horribly and yet remarkably photogenically.

Q - But that hasn't got anything to do with stopping gay people being gay, has it?

A - Not that I noticed, no.


  1. That sums it up.Why do I frequently feel exasperated with the C of E?

  2. The most oppressed people in just about every country anywhere are lgbti.
    Hellooo primates??

  3. So do I still want to be an Anglican? Does it matter?

  4. What WOULD Jesus do? Does anyone care?

  5. Can we claim to be Christian and at the same time accept any kind of discrimination? Am I being too logical? I ask this a puzzled, 72 year old believer who admits to having his doubtful moments.

  6. Discriminate against LGBT Anglicans because of "tradition", then lobby for the date of Easter to be changed thereby breaking with 1600 years of the same "tradition"... Houston, we have a problem...

    1. My comments on the other have now been duly registered.

  7. Brilliant again, Eileen. The repeated brilliance can become tedious, you know.

  8. You can be as God made you without expecting to behave in any way you want to. That's the implication of "neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more"


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