Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Going to Egypt on a Borrowed Camel

Yes I know we did Epiphany on Sunday. But that was for the Sunday people. And now we can do it again, properly.

We've got the gentler, kinder midweek crowd this time, of course. So we'll be missing the Herod and slaughter of the innocents stuff. Just focussing in on the gold and frankincense. Maybe not the myrrh. Too much to do with suffering and crucifixion and stuff like that, and it was probably a mistake to mention it Sunday. Only makes people remember that Christians are still persecuted around the world and suffering goes along with following Jesus. And who want to consider that when it's still Xmas?

So instead we'll be singing "We Two Kings", which is technically just as Biblical as the original. And we'll be introducing the idea that when the Bible says the Magi went home " by another way", what they really did was invite the Holy Family along to take an Egyptian mini-break and offer the loan of a couple of camels to replace the clapped-out donkey.

Anyone fancy a Creme Egg?

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