Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hatton Garden: The Movie

Phil Daniels: 'Ere! We gonna driw an 'ole fru this waw or wot?

Ray Winstone: 'Ere, Phil - you sure we'we old enough ta do this job, Geezer?

Phil Daniels: No' really, Ray, but they needed some Cockerney Geezers. An' Bob 'Oskins ain't wiv us no more.

Ray: Phil! I can't ge' darn the tarnel!

Phil: Wot? You put yer 'ip art agen?

Ray: Nah. I've just bin so Cockerney I've dislercated me jaw.

Phil: Del - can you 'elp?

Del Boy: Nah, my sarn. I put Uncwe Awber' on lookart - an' 'e fell asleep!

Ray: Jellied eel, anyone?

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  1. Perhaps it should be put out in the BBC 4 Saturday evening subtitled crime slot?


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