Monday, 11 January 2016

Death of David Bowie and Thomas Hardy

1st Yokel: That Thomas Hardy died on this day in 1928, then.

2nd Yokel: Aye, dead and gone as we all shall be.

1st Yokel: And that David Bowie has died as well.

2nd Yokel: Oh, no. It feels like a piece of my childhood just fell away, leaving a void where a talent used to be. I'm going off to play "Starman" for the rest of the day.

In the strangely-coloured distance, Beaker Folk dressed as Pierrot are pursued by bull dozers. A magenta gloom settles over Husborne Crawley.

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  1. Starman was the first song that I ever heard by him and is the one that always reminds me of him. I never got into the Thomas Hardy frame (he didn't feature in my school curriculum) until I started reading your blog. Now a real connection can be made - I'm off to paint my face in rainbow colours in honour of both.


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