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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Church of England Definitions : General Synod

General Synod (n)

1. An arrangement whereby  three houses can be fitted into one building - roughly the same as the Government's current planning policies.
2. A collection of vicars having their wages paid, and retired or independently wealthy lay people in their free time.
3. Can we get back to you on point 3 in a few years? We couldn't get the necessary 2/3 majorities  to agree the definitions and we'll have to send it back to the dioceses.
4. A way of discerning God's will by listening to anecdotes of things that happened in people's lives years ago. See also "PCC"

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  1. The most useful thing about General Synod is that the talking shop only convenes three times a year. I don't think that I could bear any more than that. Imagine if it were a full time assembly?? Ouch.

    As for PCC's, at least you know that there is long grass available (via a Committee) and you can kick anything awkward into that for those keen on committee's to report back on at a future date, the one when you will be unavoidably absent due to prior business or family commitments.

    Bring back the Army days, when I chaired a meeting, I was able to shut down dissent with a word and impose my views on the assembly. Basically Military Law has a lot going for it in terms of committees.


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