Friday, 27 October 2017

Onward Mail Readers

The Daily Mail calls out the Oadby vicar who "bans Onward Christian Soldiers". Just like the last one did until he learned his lesson.

The Mail is dead good at trying to co-opt religion to its agenda of nationalism. But not so good when it's caring for the widow, orphan and the alien.

Maybe the vicar just needed new words?

Onward Mail Readers,
marching as to war
with the flag of Brexit
going on before.
Gove and Boris Johnson
lead against the foe
onwards 'gainst the Belgians
let this shambles go.

Onward Mail Readers....
marching as to war
with the flag of Brexit
going on before.

We must exit Europe
Free our sceptered isle
Even though our owner's
Safely in Bermuda
he's tucked up his stash
We don't care if Brexit
Makes the British nation crash.

Onward Mail Readers....

Like a fascist lynch mob
moves the Tribe of Mogg
Refugees and migrants
Better pray to God.
Saboteurs will never
'gainst the Mogg prevail
His rich arse is guarded
by the Daily Mail.

Onward Mail Readers....

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  1. This vicar (ie one of your lot, not one of ours, thanks be to God) seems to be busily engaged in a classic case of sawing off the branch he is [badly paid to be] sitting on. Banning an expression of Christian worship from his church because it might offend people who are not Christian. Leaving aside the possibility that people who are not Christian presumably don't attend his church anyway, I forsee a great future for this kind of evangelization. There is already some pressure to remove public crucifixes, but let's get them out of the churches as well,in case some geezer (who isn't a Christian) might wander in and be shocked. Let's not raise our voices in reciting prayers or singing hymns, in case some pagan or atheist walking past might overhear us, even though we've soundproofed the churches and locked all doors and windows and are oly whispering. Get rid of vestments in case some non-believing weaver, embroiderer, sewing-machinist is offended by Certain Designs. And don't get me started on church bells....


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