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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Miles Grocer: "Me and My Brexit"

Every week, a celebrity writes on their view of the Brexit process. This week it's not-quite-such-a-celebrity-as-Richard Coles, Miles Grocer. Miles is the vicar of St Jeremy's-in-the-Allotment.

As the weeks tick down towards the Brexit deadline, it's important to understand what we're heading towards, and what people voted for.

When I voted for Brexit, I was working on the basis that this would mean the UK leaving the European Union and all its related structures - the Single Market, the European Court of Justice, the Customs Union. This would mean that the UK could establish the Socialist system we need, without interference from Europe. At the same time, I wanted to keep complete free movement of people from around the world, ensuring that the kind of diverse community in which I live can be replicated right across the country, and not just in London.

Naturally when we won, I was expecting Jeremy Corbyn's Labour government to put this in place. But in fact, none of it has yet happened. All that happens is that Theresa May's Opposition keeps going to Europe, while International Capital tries to ensure we Remain against the wishes of the down-trodden British coopers, coal miners and wheel tappers.

Interestingly, when I ask people who voted for Brexit why they did so, they give totally different answers to my reasoning. They tell me they wanted to keep the benefits of tariff-free trade with Europe, keeping easy travel for holidays in Amalfi, only with fewer foreigners in England.

Clearly they are living in a fool's paradise. And equally clearly it's the job of decent, well-educated, middle-class white men to explain to both Brexit and Remain voters why they are all wrong, and I am right.

So far, they don't seem to be listening. A bit like with my Thoughts for the Day.

But I remain sure that eventually all shall see sense. They will realise I am right. Britain will stand as a self-reliant, confident Socialist republic, growing our own bananas and drinking British coffee, ground from British acorns, grown on the British oaks we will chop down to make way for the millions of people who will want to share our success.

And people say Christians don't really believe in heaven. Rubbish. We can believe in things far more unlikely than that.

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  1. Easy travel to Amalfi? Have you ever been there? The roads leading there must be the slowest (but most scenic) in Europe.

    We must demand that the EU pays for a motorway tunnel through the mountain from Pompeii to Amalfi just for British tourists. Then the hordes can drive there quickly, search in vain for a parking space, and drive back. They will see nothing but be able to tell their friends they have been there. ;)


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