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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Religious Studies and Brexit

In response to Chris Pantson-Fire, the Under-whip for Bullying Higher Education's polite request, I've got the full annual Beaker Programme plan, and annotated it where appropriate to show the ways in which we will be reflecting on the Brexit process through it.  I'm pretty sure you can see there is no pro-Remain bias at all.

1. Druidism under Roman Rule - was Boudicca's Last Stand an attempt to re-take "control" from a Continental super-state? If so, how did it go?

2. The spread of Christianity - how did having frictionless borders contribute to the mission of St Paul and his companions?

3. The Ecumenical Councils - Was the removal of heresy a good enough reason for all the time spent in assorted "talking shops" around the Empire? Or did Nigellus Faragius have a point when he demanded the right for the British to follow Pelagius if that was what we chose?

4. The Breakdown of the Empire - Why are the years when Christian society fell apart across Europe and the Mediterranean called the "Dark Ages"? Was Andreas Plumbsom right that in recording the Sack of Rome, Augustine was being over-pessimistic and should have talked up the possibility of free trade with the Vandals?

5. The Cathars - what can we learn from the small group that pulled themselves away from the rest of the Church because they thought they were special?

6. "Cast your bread upon the waters" (Eccl 11:1) - is this any basis for a free trade policy?

7. The power of Religious Music - is "Land of Hope and Glory" a suitable anthem for a country where people will be sitting in the dark and eating turnips?

8. The parable of the Labourers - considering what would have happened to the grape crop if, when the landowner went out, all the labourers had gone back to Thrace.

9. The Prodigal Son - reflecting that there is always a chance, having made a hideous and costly mistake, to go back and try again.

10. "Render unto Caesar." Sure you could spend that money on the local Wise Woman, but hasn't your taxation gone on the clean water supply and sanitation that is keeping you well? After all, what have the Romans done for us?

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