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Friday, 13 October 2017

World Tea Light Day

It's dark outside, dull and gray
So celebrate World Tea-Light Day!

There's been a raft of World Days lately. I blame the Internet. In the old days if you had a bit of a limp, or liked making jam, you'd crack on with it.

But these days you'll find out through SocMed that it's World Year of Jam, or Unesco Walk With a Limp Day. Suddenly there is a hash tag, and people uploading pictures of their jam and/or limp onto Instagram. On any given day the "world", or that part of it with access to the # key, is talking about little else.

So I figured we might as well join in. Here at the Beaker Folk we're particularly tea light-focused this year. With Brexit just round the corner, we're boiling any dead livestock we find down to tallow, so at least we'll be able to get some kind of lighting after we plunge hideously from the EU due to the hideous dream of lost Empire of a Bertie Wooster lookalike and a philanderer with a mop on his head.

Sorry. Where was I?

Yeah. So it's getting darker in the evenings. The squirrels are working in the woods. Down the Parks Road, Oxford Chemists crunch their way to lectures through the fallen leaves. The Year dies around us.

It's just so gloomy. Light a tea light. It'll cheer you up. World Tea Light Day - raising awareness of something, without needing the slightest commitment!

Happy World Tea Light Day! Now held on the first Friday 13th after the Autumn Equinox, every year!

Tea lights under cc @ wikimedia 


  1. Head of Administration in Biochemistry (Mrs dp) confirms observation re: Parks Road. Also, as former industry lobbyist, I would also note that dead livestock (like the hippo from Dudley Zoo) are an ideal fuel for cement kilns.

  2. Obviously I will be celebrating

  3. Apparently, today is world gin and tonic day
    Don't mind if I do


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