Sunday, 15 October 2017

When Worship Leaders Go Rogue

You know how it is with Worship Leaders.

There are some who are sensitive. Introduce the songs and/or liturgy and/or tea light ignition with appropriate sensitivity. Respond to where people appear to be. Listen to the Spirit. Generally encourage people to recognise God's presence. Then get out the way.

And there are others who just introduce the songs and crack on. That's OK. You're not introducing your personality into the service to any great extent. But then some people don't have the kind of personality you really want to introduce into the service. Should you have that kind of personality, and you're leading a service - just shouting out the numbers / titles is exactly what you should be doing.

And then there are are the others who use every space between items in the service to tell us about their previous spiritual experiences. To share their home-spun philosophies. To read great chunks of scripture out. In short, to just really let people know just what God really wants them to just really know. And to enable them to just really get close to  God in a way that is just really - you know. Real.

I'm not going to tell you what type of leader Jerbert is.

 Let's just really assure you that his knees aren't actually broken. I'm much better with a cricket bat than that. What does he think I am? An amateur?

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  1. Worship Leaders can just be or in your face. I know that I prefer my face uncrowded.


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