Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Ecumenism Game

In these dark days leading up to Yule there's nothing like a good board game.  But if we can't find one, we Beaker People like nothing better than playing the Ecumenism Game.

The rules are simple.  Choose a counter of your choice.  We prefer scale models of John Calvin - in memory of his being a Protestant who burnt heretics; Torquemada; Brigham Young and Queen Mary I of England.  But you can choose your own heroes.
If you land on a square already occupied by someone else, you have a choice.  You can either agree that you're both on the same journey, or have an arm wrestle to see who has to go back to the beginning again.  In practice, we find that someone always opts for the arm wrestling.
If you land on a square with instructions, go forward or back according to those instructions.  And if following the instructions lands you on another square with instructions - follow those as well.  So you go forward thanks to the ministers' social, but then immediately backwards because that lands you on Politics and Personality Clashes.  It may be frustrating, but that's the Ecumenism Game....

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  1. Archimandrite Simon05/12/2009, 23:48

    Excellent! Except for the misprint in square 12 where you have put 'back' where it should be 'forward'!


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