Monday, 5 December 2011

A Chill Awakening

Afraid it's bad news regarding this morning's Worship Encounter.

During the night some bats looking for a roost managed to get into the roof of the Moot House. Somehow their intrusion has confused the heating system, so it's -3C.

The Moot House is so horrendously cold the tea lights won't light, there's droppings all over the place and - given the temperature - the Beaker Quire have refused to play so we're resorting to Arnwulf playing a harmonium with fingerless gloves. It's not often you find a harmonium with fingerless gloves, so we'd better make the best of it.

I wasn't expecting to, but it looks like this morning's worship will be in the Anglican tradition.


  1. Now the bats are in your stuffed. You can't touch them and their needs come before those of the Beaker Folk. You really are having the full Church of England experience.

  2. Do you have a trillion Mission Statements, as well as a trillion Hardy plots?

  3. About half a million currently, Richard. Which is about as many as the bats.


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