Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Damp End to the Oncoming Winter Festival

It was such a cold, crisp day that we thought it would be a great time for our Oncoming Winter Festival.

So we took the brassieres out onto the great lawn, filled them with burning charcoal, tried to roast chestnuts on them  - then realised our spelling mistake and went back to the garage to get the braziers. Set it all going for later, and then wandered off for the great Liturgy of Kicking Through the Leaves.

Of course the weather turned. Oh boy was that rain cold. And heavy. And wet. Kicking your way through sodden leaves when your hair's soaking wet is no example of joyful worship to set for anyone. We staggered back across the lawn, past the sodden braziers - although, to be fair, the brassieres were still burning well.

We're now freezing cold, the fire won't light (although the underwear on the lawn's even now still going), the heating's packed up, we've had no chestnuts and we're not feeling very keen on winter at all. Roll on Spring, I say.


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