Saturday, 10 December 2011

John the X-factor Baptist

This is the testimony John gave when they sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem. He replied and said,
"I really believe I'm going the whole way here. You've got to keep me in because this is my dream."

They said to him, "Are you Elijah?", he said "No".

They said to him, "One of the Prophets, then?" He said "No."

Then they said to him "who are you?"

He said to them, "I'm the one whose sandals you're not fit to tie.This is my destiny. I'm gonna make it as big as Moses. I'm gonna be King of the World. As long as I win the Final phone-in."

And so they put John in an advert along with the other Fore-runners, and they all recorded the Christmas single knowing that, if they won, they'd be Number 1 for Christmas.

Twelve months later, nobody could remember John the Baptist.

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  1. you been reading my sermon notes for tomorrow? spooky!


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