Saturday, 31 December 2011

The New Year Firework

That really is a very large firework Young Keith is currently assembling out on the lawn.

He tells me it's designed in a number of stages, to provide a series of spiritual messages.

The first stage will shower the grounds with confetti - a reminder that at the precise moment of midnight, 2011 kisses 2012. We will tactfully ignore that the hussy 2012 will go on to kiss 2013 in just 12 short months' time, while 2011 itself has form in this area, with its previous dalliance with 2010. And look what that led to.

The next stage is full of doves' feathers, to represent peace on earth. Keith's spent hours picking up feathers under the dove cot, and has had several baths as a result.

The next stage  - iron filings. Representing the spiritual strength we all need to get through the year. We must all look for our inner strength, especially in the New Year as Liverpool once again fail to qualify for Europe.

And then some beautiful "traffic lights", in red, amber and green, to emphasise the way I plan to measure every measurable metric of Community performance. Especially the Spiritual Maturity Index, which has been loitering in the low 50s all year.

And the final, explosive Big Bang. To represent the way some religious groups  thought 2011 would end, and the way others think 2012 will. It may be loud, scary and dramatic,  but be assured the world will still be in place at the end of it.

Unless it's not.

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