Saturday, 3 December 2011

Chrome all the Way Down

Hearing heart-rending sobs from Burton Dasset just now, I found him reading a blog post about comparative browser usage. It would seem that Chrome has overtaken the Firefox so belonged of geeks, programmers and other assorted people with no social skills.

This sort of thing sent me rushing to Google Analytics of course. Or, in fact, it sent me rushing to Young Keith who looked the stats up for me. Turns out that Chrome is the browser of choice for visitors to the Beaker Folk, weighing in at 25% of all visits. Firefox is just behind with 23%.

Interestingly, Internet Explorer barely clings onto third place - 20% compared to Safari's 19%. I can confidently say that the Beaker Folk is one of the least beholden blogs around, either to Microsoft or the hippies of Apple. Although given our use of Google Anaytics, the Chrome Browser and my new-found love of an Android device - I'm starting to think a new Microsoft is looming in our midst. Tell you what, to be on the safe side I'm going to boycott Google+.

By the way, I note that in the last month I had 7 visitors using Blackberry. You've got to admire their guts.

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  1. The 20% (IE) is obviously people surfing at work! No one in their right mind would choose IE surely? (and just to be safe, I'm not making eye contact when I say that).


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