Thursday, 29 December 2011

Nativity of Bernard Cribbins (1928)

You see, Thomas Becket (no "a", which is an a'ffectation) is all very well, but not a terribly sympathetic guy to celebrate. He was a trouble maker, inclined to excommunicating people at a moment's notice. And more associated with Northampton, rather than Bedford.

So we thought St Wilf the Doctor's companion a better secular saint for this evening's festivities. But the liturgical dress gave us the problem.

It's all very well dressing all the Beaker Folk dressing up as wombles - they were quite attractive, as it goes - but instead of staying in the Moot House they wandered off into the countryside to clear up rubbish and make useful things from it. I've no idea when they're going to be back.

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