Friday, 30 December 2011

A Year in Stats

Dear Readers, the Archdruid has noticed that other people are doing their annual stat-fests, and thought that this year we should do our own. And she indicated that there was nobody else she would entrust this sacred trust to than myself. Or, in her own words - "Burton, you're the saddest beggar round here. Do the stat-post."

There are so many interesting stats to be pulled out of here, Dear Readers. Such as the fact that Canadians spend three times more on the site per visit than the British. I suspect they are trying to work out what it's all about. However when I pointed out a few of these facts to Eileen, she hit me with a brush and told me to get a life.

And so, Dear Readers, here they are. Mined from the coal-face of Google Analytics, and sorted by my own diligent hands, the 2011 Beaker blog stats.

Nice people who sent the most traffic (either through links or side-bars):

1. Valle Adurni
2. Church Mouse (retd)
3. Guardian CiF Belief
4. Vernacular Curate (promoted to the Vernacular Vicar)
5. Revd Lesley (retd)
6. Echurch blog
7. Phil Ritchie
8. Clayboy (transferred)
9. Chairman Bill
10. The Hermeneutic of Continuity

Most-read posts (excluding "pages" in the top bar):
1. Richard Dawkins refuses to debate the Existence of God
2. De-frag your congregation
3. New Unwinese Bible
4. Riding the bow-wave of the Rapture
5. Rules of engagement for worship time
6. Quick pagan Solstice joke
7. Darwin was - more-or-less - right
8. KJV - the "Gove" preface
9. Liturgy of Voiles and Tea Lights
10. If men ran the church

Most popular search terms (excluding obvious variations on "Beaker Folk", "Husborne Crawley", "Eileen" etc)

1. beaker folk gnomes
2. Fr Egbert Twinkinson
3. summer solstice
4. unwinese
5. beaker doily press
6. gibbon moon
7. ordinariate
8. bishop of london's pastoral letter
9. stations of the cross
10. thomas hardy plot generator

Oddest / most worrying search terms
1. guinea pig cake
2. small garden ornaments
3. bertie bassett
4. tortoise pie
5. one of these is a vending machine
6. spare him not, devil
7. the legal authority shows its impotence precisely
8. when is gafcon going to start listening?
9. a brief history of jamaica's folk music
10. abba nativity play

Visitor browsers
1. Firefox (25%)
2. IE (24%)
3. Chrome (23%)
4. Safari (19%)
5. Mozilla Compatible (5%) [whatever that means]

Visitor locations
1. UK (30,200)
2. US (5,200)
3. Australia (1,100
4. Canada (760)
5. Ireland (310)


  1. Oooooooh, Burton!

    And not even Jan 1st yet!

  2. Statistically insignificant, Lady S. Unless Eileen writes something brilliant on New Year's Eve - unlikely enough at the best of times.


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