Wednesday 20 December 2017

A Late Ordination (II)

Over at the Spectator, Melanie McDonagh tells us that it was almost inevitable that the new Bishop of London would be a woman.

I expect Melanie McDonagh is only writing for the Spectator for contractual reasons. Because given such foresight, when the bookies gave any woman no hope at all, she must have made a killing.

Ed Tomlinson told us that  really Bp Sarah should have been a bloke who went to theological college when he was young. And Melanie McDonagh says Sarah Mullally is a far cry from "her bearded predecessor, who is both theologically learned and with a profound knowledge of Orthodox Christianity." Well as far as I know Bp Sarah does not have a beard. But then if Melanie McDonagh has ever watched the stoning scene in Life of Brian she'll know that this is not an insuperable difficulty.

Then we come to the concern that the appointment of a female bishop may cause the feminization of the Church and be off-putting to men. This is a real worry. After all, we have a woman as Head of State and another as Prime Minister. And floods of men are currently leaving the country, lest they be forced by law to talk about relationships or be in touch with their feelings. Likewise, the Spectator allows women to write for it. And yet manly men are presumably still allowed to read it.

If the most important thing about being a leader is the wearing of a beard, and the only thing that stops men going to Church is the fear that a woman may be the bishop, what sort of men are we growing in this country? Are there hipsters all over Camden sobbing into their Unfiltered Hells because they have been passed over as Bishop of London for a woman? Are there devout capitalists who voted Labour at the last election because Theresa May can't grow a beard?

The new Bishop of London is a woman. She has a distinguished track record, and is familiar with operating with the Establishment. Let's pray for her and get on.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to push on. I've got a beard fitting later.

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  1. For an female Arch Druid to consider being fitted for a beard must be an oxymoron. Because, the leadership of your beaker folk and sundry other motley groups, has been successful, albeit violently successful. And you have even got a female successor line up. There is a word for that, which I can't quite put my finger on, but patronage might suit.

    And +Sarah being a Dame as well as a Bishop can't possibly be the recipient of patronage - her work and ministry combined has placed her where she is, not male patronage.


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