Saturday 23 December 2017

The Lady Doctor: Alternative Arrangements Requested

As we await the start of the career of what some people are calling the 'Lady Doctor", Jodie Whittaker, reality is starting to strike home.

Some claim that Jodie Whittaker's background is not strong enough to support the demands on her - having previously played a nurse. Whereas William Hartnell had played a series of military types, of the sort that prepared him for being the Doctor - an authority figure constantly battling invading forces.

There are rumours that a splinter movement is forming, demanding they get their own BBC, where David Bradley can offer Alternative Whovian Oversight. They have never accepted a transgender TimePeer, although they found Michelle Gomez a reassuring reminder of their childhood teachers.

As thoughts already turn to the Fourteenth Doctor, it's being pointed out that, while the Master has frequently been known to sport a devilishly handsome beard, the only time The Doctor has done so on TV has been the "War Doctor" and his straggly effort while blowing up everything. To redress the balance, appeal to the Hipster Community, and also ensure no more Lady Doctors, it's being suggested that a bearded Doctor will be just what the... erm... Doctor ordered.

The clever money is going on Richard Chartres.

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  1. Ralph Fiennes surely, +Richard in "Rev" and Lord Voldemort

  2. Why can't a woman play the Doctor? I have watched it from the beginning and never, to my knowledge, has he ever fought of aliens with his penis.

    Bring on the sonic lipstick.


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