Saturday 30 December 2017

On the Last "Loose Canon" Column in the Guardian

What now for Islington's liberals to read
As they visit their local barista?
The only Christian Brexit Leftist
Is now a former Guardianista.

And we, who read his text
His well-intentioned liberal fog
His Corbynite Christianity
Will have to find a different blog.

Those keyboard warriors bold
who rarely leave their hole
trudge slowly across the Internet
to find another BTL to troll.

And so he goes, our knight so bold
Who tried to be a Christian friend
to godless, vacant, self-regarding souls
He didn't do so badly, in the end.

Melissa Sparrow (Mrs)

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  1. Look no further than Arch Bishop Justin who is becoming more active with Regular pod casts and criticism of the right and left wing of Government and Opposition and wearing his heart on his sleeve for all to weep along with him. He can be found simply on the CofE website for a tri-daily sounding off.


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