Friday, 4 April 2014

If Train Announcements Were Consistent

"I'd like to remind customers that smoking is not allowed anywhere on this train.

Or stealing the possessions of other customers, obviously. That's not allowed, either.

Im case you were thinking about it, nor is pushing drugs.  1st Capital Connect does not allow drug sales on any of its services. Just because we don't have sny little "No Drug Pushing" stickers, don't you go thinking we approve. We don't. And even if we did, it's against the law.

Driving a car down the inside of the train, mowing down other customers, is not technically illegal - unless you hit them deliberately. But please don't do it.

And no counterfeiting. Did I mention that?  We've spent hours arguing about what the sticker should be, so we've not put any up next to the "No Smoking" ones. But, believe me, you must not do it on 1st Capital Connect services.

Genocide? Now, that's definitely forbidden......

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  1. Not a full list of restrictions by any means. Last week I decided to do a little outing to Peterborough to see the bulb fields, with my friend Caroline from Brighton and my American penpal Brendan, We were overheard discussing Proposition 8 as Doris went by with the drinks trolley, and got detrained at Knebworth.


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