Monday, 14 April 2014

Interpretative Reading of Psalm 67

I'd like to thank Jazmyn for her enhanced-sensations reading of Psalm 67.

At the last count the injury tally was as follows:

2 broken jaws
2 people bitten by deaf snakes
4 mauled by young lions
2 flesh wounds from stray arrows.

The RSPCA have gone away now, but I've had to promise that, in future, nobody will melt any more snails.

In future any alt.lit involving livestock has to be approved by me in advance.  However, busy mocking, making wide mouths, saying "aha" and shaking fists are all still allowed without a licence.

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  1. We enjoyed an interpretative reading of Psalm 34 in Sunday school including looking at our tongues to make sure they weren't evil. Culminating in writing "Lord" on biscuits with sugar icing to taste and see that it was good. (Yummy. I ate every crumb). We washed our hands first. Oh, and no lions were hurt in the lesson.


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