Monday, 28 April 2014

A Few Good Links

Being a bit blogger-retro, while there's still some blogs out there...

David Keen on being not actually OCD at all, as OCD is serious. You know he's right anyway. But he is right.

Dwight Longenecker on Catholic Priests who are Fathers in the Biological Sense.

There's something I agree with Steve at Naws on. And, oddly, he agrees with Rowan Williams. I'm impressed. I never understand what Rowan is saying. Crimperman agrees with both of them. So they must be right. Or maybe Doug doesn't think so.

And Jem on Rev. The show that divides Christians into those that like it, those that don't, and those who haven't seen it. Oh yeah, and those that think it's kind of OK. Sally likes it.. And Sally's take on it is powerful and good. Sally saved me from a nun once, in circumstances I can't go into here. You should listen to her.

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