Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Church Coffee - View of Mission Correlation Index

Instant,  Own-label  - Doomed

Instant, Fair Trade - Doomed, but with a social conscience

Bags - Missional, but not Messy

Java - Geeky

Bags, Fair Trade - Missional, Conscience, not Messy

Cafetiere - Messy. 

Espresso Machine - Well into Alpha. 

Camomile Tea - Emergent


  1. Sounds revolting. And don't call me Ern.

  2. The association with Cafetiere was very appropriate with the cheap plastic versions we had some years ago. If you pressed down too hard, the plastic plunger flexed and coffee and ground sprayed around. Messy indeed.

  3. And what of the tea drinkers. ....those who yearn for the proper stuff, with flavour and colour. .....they're never adequately catered for after church services in my humble (tea-drinking) opinion.


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