Saturday 26 April 2014

The Filter of Life Doesn't Look Promising

The discovery of an earth-like planet kicks off the debate about whether we are shortly to make ourselves extinct, or are we really lucky to have made it to this point in our species' evolution?

The Moon Gibbon Folk, of course, disagree with the premise of this debate. If there's a gibbon on the Moon - a giant, malevolent, supernatural one at that - then maybe there's more life about than we think, they argue.

Well they have a point.  Obviously, it's a rubbish point. But once again it gives me cause to consider the Fermi Paradox, and think it's maybe not so much of a paradox after all.

Maybe the universe is quiet, because we're alone. Maybe we're either the first successful shot at life - or maybe we're the only shot. Maybe we are the observers whose presence ensured the universe's quantum existence. We are wholly responsible.

Suddenly I feel a bit chilly.


  1. Sorry, it's Mondas, the planet of the Cybermen.

    1. You have a point, Bruv. They wouldn't show up as "life" on the big life-detector.

  2. See 'Nature Bats Last' website, by Guy McPherson. You might feel even chillier.


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