Thursday, 24 April 2014

Other Things You Never Knew About Top Gear

So the middle-aged boy-racers of Top Gear staged a Traffic Jam for comic effect. I was so shocked I nearly decided to vote UKIP.

In other news:

Jeremy Clarkson's testosterone levels aren't actually that high.

They're rude about cyclists because the outrage gets them publicity.

When they do those coast-to-coast challenges, they have a camera crew and backup team with them.

They gave those bikes and the stupid clothes back after they filmed that thing in London. And the cycling experts they spoke to knew they were going to be stupid. And they probably pulled Clarkson's chain off deliberately. And that's not necessarily a euphemism.

Some of the stars in reasonably priced cars are more like celebrities than stars, if truth be told.

Some of their fans are spotty teenagers who can't even drive, but like to bask in the glow of their machismo.

The Stig is just a professional driver in a racing outfit. Not a superhero. Although some say his kneecaps are made of germanium.

James May makes to like out he's the most laid-back of the three.

Richard Hammond isn't all that tall.

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  1. I'm surprised and shocked to see you disrespect another religious tradition like this, don't you realise you're shattering these poor people's hopes and dreams!!


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