Monday, 21 April 2014

Theology Degree: "Rev" Studies Module (25 pts)

This exciting new module helps the theology student to apply their theoretical skills to a nearly-real, contemporary urban culture.

What did the Bishop mean when he said that Latin? Is the word "Miltonian" appropriate? What's with Colin? Is Olivia Colman perfect? Are they ever going to show a nice female vicar? In what way is Adam expressing an incarnational ministry? How did the choirmaster from Dibley get such a remarkable promotion? Will this enable the Church of England to connect with modern English society? Is it only vicars watching it?  How have we moved forward since "Bless me, Father" and "Dad's Army"? What does Buster the Dog think?

These and many similar questions are the kind of thing you'll be asking yourself. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you won't have to quote Moltmann or spell "Kierkegaard". It's relevant, it's now, it's happening, it's urban, and above all it doesn't involve learning to write in a different alphabet. All reasons why you'll be desperate to do the Rev Studies Module.

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  1. Application on its way. Will you accept part-time students - say, one day a year?


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