Wednesday, 23 April 2014

At A Moment's Notice

See, this is what happens when you let Burton Dasset help out.

I remarked in passing that I'm absent-minded about charging my phone. Commented that, should Charlii suddenly go into labour when I've let the battery die, I won't know about it for ages.

Came in just now to discover that he's purchased a dozen cheap phones, downloaded their numbers into Young Keith's, and has wired each phone up to forward answer phone messages to all the others. That way, he says, he makes sure I won't miss the announcement that the youngest member of the Fitzroy Russell clan is on the way.

Yeah, I said. But Young Keith only has one phone. And he's as bad at charging his, as I am. And there's no guarantee, in the circumstances of a rapid exit from Waitrose, let us say (apparently they give you the shopping free if your waters break, so Charlii's spending a lot of time in there at the moment), that Charlii will remember to let me know so then what?

He went a bit white for a while. But now Young Keith has half a dozen phones. One of which is wind-up. I'm gonna be the best-informed Granny in Central England at this rate.


  1. It would be a fine thing to have your grandchild born on St George's day, but Charlii will have to be quick (unless we go by the calculation in your earlier post, in which case she's got plenty of time)

  2. The Alderley Edge Townswitches Guild believe, to a woman, that Burton is a truly electrifying chap. In fact we switch our mobiles to "vibrate" whenever we think about him.

  3. I wonder about all the fuss surrounding giving birth. Reality is that in the Bush in the third world, a woman would just pop behind a convenient bush, give birth (albeit a bit noisily) than pickup and carry on.

    Perhaps Charli might take some inspiration from this and do the same in Waitrose.


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