Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wash and Pray

May I refer you, my brothers and sisters, to the attached news item - in which it is revealed that there is dissension within the Church of Rome regarding whether or not the Pope should wash the feet of women.

Naturally, being the Catholic Church, the argument is over what tradition and Church Law says. Is it any wonder, my brothers (for I am now heading into deeper waters, into which the shorter gender should not wade for fear it may go over their heads) - is it any wonder, I ask, that they have this disagreement when the look to the rules of Men, and not to the Good Book, to resolve their doubts and guide their meditations?

It is quite clear to read. Our Lord, to set an example of humility, said that others should do as he did, when he knelt, tenderly, to wash the apostles' feet - making an example of reaching down, that the first should be last and the ruler the servant.

But he did not wash the feet of women. Humility is all very well, but there are limits.


  1. Jesus never wore suits or ties. Does that mean we can't wear suits and ties? Where do you stand on open-toed footwear - mandatory, or optional?

  2. While I think on it, I believe the Blessed St Margaret said she'd never have a man with a beard in her government. That's Jesus out then - if indeed he had a beard.


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