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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Ceremony of Conscious Uncoupling

Archdruid: Do you, Chris, wish consciously to be uncoupled from Gwynnie?

Chris: I do.

Archdruid: And do you, Gwynnie...

Gwynnie: Don't call me Gwynnie.

Archdruid: And do you, Gwyneth, wish consciously to be uncoupled from Chris?

Gwynnie: I do.

Archdruid: A marriage bond being set aside, especially in situations where there are children involved, is nearly always a sad situation. It speaks of hopes that have - maybe quietly over the years - died. Shared vision that is now faded. A flame that has burnt out. Whatever our views on marriage, we should all have sympathy, a sense of sadness, and a feeling that, because a family must come to terms with a loss - a kind of bereavement - we are all diminished. So why on earth did you put out such a pretentious press release?  What did you think you were playing at? It just tells us your hippy-dippy, probiotic, macrocosmic ways are more important than other people wishing you well, maybe even more important than the fact you should be mourning a relationship's end.  Nevertheless, we wish you well. For your kids' sake, and your own. Go forth, and uncouple consciously. Whatever that means.

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  1. The issue of coupling or uncoupling ignores the marriage vows that they presumably took. Sad for them and for the children, but the consolation for the children is that their parents will remain best of friends :(


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