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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Gay Weather Continues

"We can’t be certain about the direct link between bad weather and the gay marriage legislation", says Andrew Symes on Anglican Mainstream.

Well I beg to differ. I had a day out in Town today. But it took me ages to get to Flitwick station, due to the gaydrifts on the road. Got to London, went on the traditional pilgrimage to visit Kirsty's Bench, what do I find out? Blooming Soho was flooded with gay people. Came home this evening and the train was delayed due to gayness between Luton and Harpenden. And with all the gayness that's been falling, lately, the runoff in Mill Hill has been terrible. Oh yeah. There was a gayslide. Nothing could move for hours.

Yep, in my opinion there's no doubt about it. You can't get much more of a link than that.

By the way - yes, praying about same-sex marriage seems entirely sensible. Pray that God's will is done. Always a good idea.

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