Tuesday, 25 March 2014

On the Feast of the Annunciation

The plan was in place a long time. From before the beginning. Working in quiet persuasion, unexpected turnarounds, and a series of unlikely people. And, amongst the younger brothers, upstart kings and carpenters, a series of unlikely woman.
A prostitute; the adulterous wife of a murdered soldier; a loyal foreigner in an alien land; a widow who slept with her father-in-law. The Judah family - and Judah's ancestors - attracted a wide range of strong women. Maybe they were the only ones that could put up with them. Sometimes that line was strong - and the Serpent could get in amongst them. Sometimes they were quiet, and he let them lie. But such an odd group of women - who's going to worry? 

Yet shining at the end of that line of unconventional, faithless or faithful women - this teenage bride-to-be. Sweeping the house, maybe,  as the preparations are still going on for the wedding - this year? Next?  To her carpenter. A steady income, her mum might have said. That, yes, and strong arms in a dangerous time. She's an unlikely queen, is thist unknown girl from a conquered race.

It's going to change her life, sure. That short interview with an angel is going to open her eyes.  Just a few short words,  a stunned "let it be" and new life and hope in the world. A new Eve's obedience defies the old one's pride, and the game changes.

The plan stops being a plan, the ground work is done. The psalms of yearning have had their day, and the good news is starting to be sung.

And the Serpent feels a foreboding ache in his head. And he squirms, and worries, and fears.

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