Tuesday, 4 March 2014

From the Department of Bleeding Obvious Studies

I realise that by sharing this, I'm wasting your time in the same way mine was wasted. But maybe there is something to be learned about how some people get scientific funding, and of how we are patronised on health matters by media types.

Researchers at the University of Missouri have discovered that having a hangover doesn't affect when people next have a drink. Well, insert your own favourite three-word expression ending in the name of a Victorian literary detective. I would have thought there's actually an averaging out, with those who vow to lay off the sauce balanced by those who head straight back to the pub for the hair of the dog.

But in case this isn't enough to shock us with health-related novelty, the BBC, in their desire to inform and generally nanny us, feel obliged to give us some advice on how to avoid a hangover.

Apparently the trick is not to drink too much.

If only someone had told us this vital information before. I reckon there's been a conspiracy to keep this dangerous knowledge out of the public domain.


  1. Kick the Bucket? Off the cuff? Maybe I've got the wrong detective.

  2. Elementary, my dear Watson? Although poor Watson wasn't much of a detective.

  3. As Sellar and Yeatman remarked on the Peasants' Revolt the answer to

    When Adam delved and Eve span
    Who was then the gentleman

    had been concealed by the mystics of the Church...


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