Thursday, 27 March 2014

Feast of Fragrant Pogoing

Sometimes an idea just seems right.

Strewing the floor with fragrant herbs was the traditional way of mopping up spills, and covering up the smell of cat droppings in the traditional Beaker house.

While pogoing was the traditional way for spotty lads in the late1970s/early 80s to rid themselves of the sexual frustration caused by seeing the girls they fancied getting off with boys with "wedge" haircuts who could dance disco.

We put them together. Strewed the Moot House floor with a mixture of hay and pot pourri, then used punk music in the service. The Beaker Folk were encouraged to pogo, and pogo they did.  Although, obviously, not as much or as vigorously as they did in 1980. None of us is getting any younger.

So everyone smells very fragrant, and is a lot less stressed than they were earlier. And keeping to the school disco theme, using the Commodores' "Three Times a Lady" as the recessional hymn was an act of genius. The Smooch of Peace has now been going on for twenty minutes.

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  1. In the interests of diversity and gender equality, spacehoppers should have been made available for the wimmin. And some Marc Bolan.


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