Thursday, 20 March 2014

Solstice Celebration of Neshness

Archdruid: Hurrah!  It's Vernal Equinox. We're gonna get out there in Big Meadow, dance around the reinforced-concrete stone circle, and celebrate.

All: But it's a bit cold.

Archdruid: Then wear coats.

All: But it might rain.

Archdruid: Then wear flat caps.  Grant Shapps would approve.

All: But it's getting dark.

Archdruid: Precisely. It's the equinox - so the sun is still setting before dinner-time. This is the ceremony where we encourage it to stay up later, through the encouragement of tea lights.

All: But it's quite windy.

Archdruid: Then put your tea lights in the lanterns provided. Genuine horn, them lanterns.

All: But it's really windy.

Archdruid: Then turn your backs to the wind.

All: But it's really, really windy.

Archdruid: Then tie yourselves down.

All: Can we just have our worship in the Moot House?

Archdruid: Nesh, you lot. Nesh.

All: But there could be an owl, or a badger, out there.

Archdruid: Mm. Yeah. Hadn't thought of that.

All: And it's warm, dry, windproof and well-lit and badger-proof, is the Moot House.

Archdruid: Oh, all right then. Just those once, mind.

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